Yoju Kyoshitsu Gakuen vol. 1 – 2

Yoju Kyoshitsu Gakuen vol. 1 – 2

Toshio Maeda, creator of UROTSUKIDOJI, the ground breaking erotic horror series, returns to the erotic horror genre in this movie. Just as controversial as his previous series, this one finds Earth being invaded by an unclean race who wish to take over the planet. However, since Earth’s environment is hostile to these beings, they hatch a plan to impregnate as many human females as possible in order to create a race of hybrids which will rule the Earth by proxy. Enter the women of the Interplanetary Mutual Observation Agency, a task make of buxom female operatives who will do anything to stop these perverted beings from breaking Earth’s females.

First air date Mar. 05, 1990

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