School 2

School 2

September 20, 2020

The blue ocean in the presence, And, with green Shigeru mountain behind, Educational institution immediately before closing a school that exists in [bisakison] of boonies with only nature. It is built in the plateau above, There are only four all the pupils of our school in the schoolhouse of two old wooden stories. The only schoolboy in that, [Yasushifuto] god ahead. Ai who is that childhood friend, Rui, The archrival blocks before about Hitomi. The charge of a slender body. a boyish that is, Sexual intercourse demons female teacher. Ais who panicked because it knows that the protagonist is toying done et al, Not caring about and my previous temptation of place, Approaching rapidly. Is [yasushifuto] made teachers prisoner by an adult charm…? Friendship with childhood friend? The educational institution life in a peaceful village, Radical change, It rushed into the recapture dispute of Ren of young person active sap of youth.

First air date Nov. 25, 2011

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