October 24, 2019
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When Yuusuke awakens from a nightmare in which a devil warns him that chicks will be his downfall, he detects that real life isnt any finer! Having a gynaecologist as a parent, the scanty fellow is under strain to overpower his irrational fear of girls, and feisty twin sisters Yuka and Rika are on forearm to give a helping arm. Using any method they can think of to lure the crimson-met man, the racy competition briefly heats up as chesty Barako bounces onto the gig with an equal determination to lure Yuusuke. Which of the supah-naughty heroines will win his heart, and more importantly, will

Original title 1+2=パラダイス
First air date Feb. 23, 1990
Last air date Apr. 27, 1990


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