Legend Of Lyon Flare

Legend Of Lyon Flare

September 9, 2019
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An army of intruding aliens onslaught the calm land of Lyon with zeal and carnage on their minds. Only the mixed compels of Swordsman Zeke, Swordswoman Neris and the psychic Flare stand between the sadomasochistic Glode and his utter subjugation of the people of Lyon. In Flare two, the forest of Lyon becomes host to a malevolent power that consumes all who trespass its borders. When female Neris and her stepbro Eo vanish while exploring, it is up to Flare to find out what fresh sinister stashes in the heart of Lyon!

Original title リヨン伝説フレア
First air date Jul. 14, 1986
Last air date Apr. 21, 1990


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