Watashi ga Toriko ni Natte Yaru

Watashi ga Toriko ni Natte Yaru

From the classmate, the camera is prepared to the locker room of the swimming club and it is a small man of this swimming club ordered to take a candid shot. I feel the shadow that enters the locker room, it is discovered by Shiho of this swimming club though it hides oneself in the locker panicking. All is lost. It thought, shiho keeps talking with friend Saki by two people as nothing happened. At the blind spot of the locker invisible for Saki, shiho a hand between the groins of a little man flying into a rage, it begins to stroke it intensely. To Shiho who shows it by reverse-raping, small man’s penis is counterattacked hard!!

[Grampus Reverse]
The boyfriend Shun of Saki in the track-and-field club has a great bloomers fetishes. However it seemed to be interested in a swimming race swimsuit and showed a wet swimsuit figure in water on the roof of the school. The reaction more than the imagination, the chest is massaged confusedly to Saki by Shun who excites, the cunt is intensely rubbed and immediately before the cum!! At that time, other students go up to the rooftop, the act end was done through necessity by a halfway condition. Saki who cannot suppress completely want to do, shun was taken to the girl locker room. It is begun by careful precoital play, two people the body is unite. It is ejaculated inside the vagina and Saki who faced the climax, the hard counteroffensive because Shun in the state of the penis’s expanding is begun!!

First air date Sep. 18, 2005

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