Succubus Yondara Haha ga Kita!

Succubus Yondara Haha ga Kita!

Takashi, who is in puberty and has a high sex drive, believes the information on the internet and endures 72 days of masturbation prohibition, and summons a succubus with a secret spell. But the Succubus that appears in the flash of light is somehow a duplicate of his mother-in-law! Eri (Succubus name: Erilyn), an expert succubus summoned to have sex with her son-in-law, is at a loss, but she can’t resist the temptation of his well-grown muscles and exquisite bodily fluids and allows herself to lose his virginity in a succubus pussy…

Original title サキュバス喚んだら義母が来た!?
First air date Nov. 04, 2022

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