Power Harassment!

Power Harassment!

October 21, 2019
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Scene 1 :

chief: “You indeed don’t know, Nanami?”
Nanami: “I’m afraid I don’t know.”
boss: “But you were the only one here when it went missing.”
boss: “Let me witness.”

The chief had been targeting the dispatch assistant from the commence.

chief: “It’s an SD card. If you don’t fumble all over you won’t sense it.”
chief: “Here, let me search your clothes.”
boss: “Where is it covert? Tell me.”

And he started to perceive her bosoms thru her half-top.

Nanami: “S-stop, master. satisfy.”
boss: “What for? You’re a suspect!”


Original title ぱわはら!
First air date Dec. 23, 2010


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