Oni Chichi

Oni Chichi

October 26, 2019
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Oni Chichifollows the sordid relationship inbetween a stepdad, Atsuki, and his two adolescent stepdaughters, Airi and Marina. The youthfull dolls’ mom is absent for the most part of the story, presumably due to work, permitting for her fresh hubby to pursue his filthy enjoyments in peace.

enticed by the supah-naughty figures of his magnificent stepdaughters and incapable to withstand his getting larger desires, Atsuki creates a intense stimulant unload. Utilizing it, Atsuki coerces Airi into a scandalous relationship. thru depravity and delectation, the two investigate a rather uproar

Original title 鬼父
First air date Oct. 30, 2009
Last air date May. 28, 2010


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