Big brother… why didn’t you help me…
It’s been half a year since his younger sister Nana who was tainted by the men and stained with white filth, was mercilessly thrown onto the road…
Ryoichi’s finally decided to move on to revenge and as a teacher, he was approaching his target and waiting for the opportunity to do so.
What are you doing? Stop it!
Ryoichi and the beautiful girls go to the villa.
The door is fixed without his knowledge and Ryoichi makes it a secret room from which there cannot escape and he humiliates Ruriko for a start.
Ruriko cries out in pain and fear for the first time, he mercilessly thrusts up…
Aoi, Natsuki, Myoko and Kanami are running for their lives.
Ruriko’s sad screams echoing from the other room…

Original title ツグナヒ
First air date Jun. 24, 2022

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