Beast City

Beast City

September 20, 2019
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The modern age. albeit tales of unusual things have existed in history, even in the current day , in modern cities, things stash in the night. A trio of dame vampires who normally only care about consumption of blood and the occasional girl-on-girl interaction with one another, all of a sudden come head to head with gangs of demonic “brutes” that screw and rip their way thru the populace. As time goes on, things warmth up in more ways than one as the war commences anew inbetween vampires and animals. shortly Mina, the glorious crimson-headed vampire, and her two pals and followers, along wi

Original title 淫魔大都市 BEAST CITY
First air date May. 24, 1996
Last air date Apr. 24, 1998


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