Lo Re: Pako Sukusuku Mizuki-chan The Animation

Lo Re: Pako Sukusuku Mizuki-chan The Animation

December 2, 2019
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Yuuki was waiting while waiting.
I’m late for my fave older stepbro’s come back now, and I’m waiting for the apartment to be air-conditioned to stunning down and wear water on the desk.
I used to take care of it with my box smartphone every day … but I was lonely, and I attempted to sob a bit or grubby.
But that’s also until yesterday. Because …

In the sound of the open door, Yuuki hops out the guest room to be spinned.

“I’m going to Shiro “

Original title LO Re:パコ すくみずきちゃん THE ANIMATION
First air date May. 06, 2016

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