Little Monica Monogatari

Little Monica Monogatari

September 25, 2019

Will, an orphan initially from tiny Monica, a city of culture and arts, comebacks to a place he hasn’t been in since his childhood to contribute to it and have a reunion with his childhood pal, Celia. What he doesn’t know is that during his lengthy absence, things have switched for the worse and lil’ Monica, once a city of high culture has become a capital of degeneration. The question is can Will stand against the temptations suggested by the city or will he give way to it. With a lil’ help from Celia and her sisters Tina and Mei, as well Miss Meow, they just might succeed in returning lil

Original title リトルモニカ物語
First air date Apr. 05, 2002
Last air date Jul. 05, 2002

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