Kowaku No Toki

Kowaku No Toki

September 27, 2019
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Based on the softcore game by Tinker Bell. Mibuu Kyousuke is a detective who finds himself lost in the mountains where he fantasies of a doll who is involved in an lustful ritual of torment and molestation by deformed older guys and a bull. When he finds a palace he meets the lady from his desires (Yukino) and determined he wants to save her. Yukino thanks him for his goodness but pleads him to leave since it is dangerous for outsiders. The longer Kyousuke remains at the building the more he finds himself being overtaken by fantasy. Will he be able to save Yukino and her family from their n

Original title 蠱惑の刻
First air date Oct. 28, 2011
Last air date Jul. 25, 2014


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