Hana To Hebi The Animation

Hana To Hebi The Animation

September 19, 2019
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Shizuko, a 26-year-aged housewife, is enticed into a trap when her daughter-in-law is kidnapped by the Kizakura group. The kidnapping scheme was hatched by an ominous CEO whose main objective is to make Shizuko his intercourse gimp. finally, she’s compelled into performing a weird fucky-fucky display in front of a ginormous audience. They energy Shizuko to perform with her daughter-in-law. however she rejects at first-ever, she lil by lil’ accepts and determines to spin with the crooked gusto of it all.

Original title 花と蛇 The Animation
First air date Jul. 21, 2006
Last air date Sep. 22, 2006

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