Miboujin Numeriau Nikuyoku

Miboujin Numeriau Nikuyoku

There is a videotape, in which a figure of a bride who asked for sexual pleasure was recorded. Taeko is a descendant of Sagayama family which has been living in a palatial residence of a slightly elevated hill. A month had passed since she had been deprived her dearest husband. She wanted to keep mourning until Kaoru, his little brother, came home from abroad to express condolence. She invited a family friend and tutor of her daughter Toshiki to come over to her house and seduced him for a bout of hot sex in bed. Kaoru arrives at her brother’s home and he was welcomed by his niece and sister in law. One day, he was awaken up by her niece and makes him to watch a videotape while sitting on his lap. She seduced her uncle to finger her pussy but was interrupted when Taeko opens the door and brought some drink to Kaoru. Then when Kaouru went to visit her brothers’s grave he found the tutor of her niece masturbating in the tombstone. He fucks her and then she called him Master. What is the mysterious thing behind Kaoru character?

First air date Jun. 24, 2004

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