November 8, 2019
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In a dark, empty school mansion, Kiriko is corded and ball-gagged, dressed in only her lingerie. In front of her, there are trio guys dressed in masks. They tell her, “I want to witness your bod submerge in delectation, and your face contort in ecstacy.” These boys had much practice with other chick tutors. They would proceed their perverse attack until their prey cried out in ecstacy. tho’, Kiriko is a intense-minded, marital arts accomplished. two of the boys were already lounging wounded in the nurses guest room. As Kiriko menaces to turn the dudes into the police, her epithets embark to

Original title 堕落 ~女教師破壊~
First air date Sep. 18, 2002
Last air date Apr. 18, 2003


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