September 6, 2020

First episode name is The Incubus’s Trap. In the twilight of a century invaders sieze the human world. Mitsurugi is the main hunter aganst these wicked things. He and his three devoted mates meet evrybody who try to impede their progress! Once, one of them had to meet the enemy but failed. Then Mitsurugi calls his second mate-Kusha, who imprisoned the competitor into a magic stone. But she refuses to give it to Misuruhi… what’s happened? Second episode name is And So, The Gate Opened. Mitsurugi has been injured in the battle. So, he can’t take part in other fights.. he pretends that he doesn’t bother about his friends, but he really does inside of him. Pero Shiori the 3d mate is called now to fight. When she found out that Mitsurugi is ill and tries to help. Then, Mitsurugi founds out a way to the door that connects two worlds…

First air date Jan. 01, 1996

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