Yokujou Bazooka The Animation

Yokujou Bazooka The Animation

September 6, 2020

[Linked Mirror]
Takaya obtained it “Mirror that projects place that i want to see” moreover it is possible even to touch the projected person. That power is used, takaya who does indecent tease to girl of class. To childhood friend Ayano, it inserts it in the genitals tease in addition…!!

[Sense of Katekyo]
Tutorial of the failed student Shouta, it was a genius girl who went on to school by the grade-skipping Konatsu. Shouta which is annoyed at being made a fool in Konatsu of the younger person, “Practice of the practical skill of health and physical education” in the name, indecent DVD is watched. And the next day, it is started to say that Konatsu wants you to teach Health education and physical education from me…!?

First air date Oct. 25, 2013

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