Imouto Kairaku Ochi ~onii-chan Ni Muriyari Hamerarete Kara~

Imouto Kairaku Ochi ~onii-chan Ni Muriyari Hamerarete Kara~

November 28, 2019

One day, a thick step-brother who blindly luvs his lil’ sis eavesdrops what she chats on the smartphone.

She chats about future plans with a dude and he hears that they say something like “If we go to the same school…”.

When it is implied that she has a beau, he thinks in such a way,in despair, that the bf must have bad influences over her so he restricts her in the palace in an attempt to isolate her from the man.

Exploiting the situation where he and she are left alone in the building
during the summer vaca, he begins disciplining her to reforge their siblinghood

Original title 妹快楽墮ち~お兄ちゃんに無理やりハメられてから~
First air date Oct. 04, 2018

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