V Jack 1 Slum King

V Jack 1 Slum King

August 10, 2020

Time has passed since a comet struck Earth, causing catastrophic damage and decimating the population. After a giant earthquake destroyed the Kanto region of Japan, its citizens were left alone and lawless in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. One man known as the Slum King rose from the ashes and took power of the area, forcing any captured women to become sex slaves and ruling the remaining population with an iron fist. He’s rivaled by only one man: Violence Jack, a giant who roams from place to place, protecting the innocent and shedding ample blood in the process. Mari is a young woman who is captured by the Slum King’s minions on her way to find her missing boyfriend Ken; though as she’s being ‘trained’ for her new life of servitude, Ken – who is now working for the Slum King – sees the situation and tries to free her. However, he fails, and thus finds himself forced to do the impossible: kill the Slum King’s enemy – Violence Jack.

First air date Jun. 05, 1986

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