Toriko no Kusari

Toriko no Kusari

July 26, 2019
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Mino Ainogi is a student school chairman at a individual school and a member of a tennis pub.
I am
active and pleasurable days with my childhood buddy Yuka Ayukawa, who is aiming to be a pro tennis player, Yuuki Ikoma, my cousin Yuko Koma, and a junior student of my student association, Konomi Asahina.
My parents are both physicians, and I would like to budge on to the medical path in the future.

My parents are mainly working abroad, and I can only comeback home to count so many years, but
I was not lonely because there was a living helper at home.
They t

Original title 虜ノ鎖
First air date Jul. 07, 2017
Last air date Sep. 08, 2017


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