Teakamamire No Tenshi The Animation

Teakamamire No Tenshi The Animation

September 8, 2019
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An idol who shines a spotlight on the stage
Kisaragi Reina who made her debut as a new-comer idol with the wish to the idol who was such a longing from the time of such a child.
tho, the road to the stage that she imagines is far, and the current situation proceeds sans much noise and no fly.
Compared with the idols of the same office doing brilliant activity, she does not sense the difference, but what is
this situation? Yurina chats with the producer of the office.
The producer observes Aiina who can not lurk wrath and irritability, and throws a word while b

Original title 手垢塗れの天使 THE ANIMATION
First air date Jul. 28, 2017
Last air date Jan. 01, 1970

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