Tantalized Slender Servant

Tantalized Slender Servant

July 28, 2019
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“tormented slender obedient” is the 8th title in the 3DCG Virtual vid Series.
This time our 3DCG movie technique showcases a submissive with a adorable rump.

The slender subordinated had lost her energy after being attacked by ebony Mask,and entered the Santa Tag Tournament to regain her power.
tho’, she was incapable to regain her energy.
To build up back her intensity, she steps up to the ring once again.
With too ginormous of a difference in intensity, she wails in anguish, and she is overpowered, and her rectum is predominated by the rival’s boner and…

Original title 嬲られる美尻サーヴァント
First air date Mar. 23, 2019


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