Summer Inaka no Seikatsu

Summer Inaka no Seikatsu

This is a hot summer day. I, Hazuki Natsuhara and that person, melting … country life. While my parents are away from home on an overseas trip, that man, my cousin’s brother, will be staying with us. The man I hadn’t seen in a few years was a fully grown man, but he was happy to see me again, even though he looked embarrassed… I wanted to see both the old and the new and I got excited like a little kid. But I’m not a kid anymore. The feelings that have been building up for the time I haven’t seen him for a long time are overflowing at our first reunion in a long time… I’ve been seen by accident, but is this a chance to turn things around?

“…… yeah, fine.”

This is me and that guy, in the country, sexually, living together.

The voice of Semi soaks in after sunburn. the voice of the moment of a hip swinging childhood friend. Both voices melt into the blue sky on a midsummer’s day.

Original title SUMMER ~田舎の性活~ 第一話 日焼けの跡とスクール水着
First air date Jul. 29, 2022

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