Himitsu no Kichi

Himitsu no Kichi

“Full sign!”
Mine is forcibly taken out by Ayano, a senior member of his circle, who works in his parents fields.
Under the intense heat, it was hard work that made him want to complain, but while sprinkling water, water splashed on Ayano’s clothes.
Under the transparent clothes, there are cute nipples…
A small accident triggers the two to let out their feelings for each other.
Under the blue sky, driven by uncontrollable love and lust, their lips touch each other.

“Crank it in”
Yuzu, the red-haired beauty of the film study group, has long black hair and is the object of male admiration.
But she was a perverted girl who took selfies of herself masturbating and pleasured herself when she was alone.
Today, while sneaking around the club room to film masturbation, she is finally discovered by her senior, Matsuyama.
Yuzu is distraught with shame, but after revealing her true nature and blowing off steam, her sexual desire swells to the point where she seduces Matsuyama herself and devours his dick.
Yuzu’s face changes from innocent beauty to a lone bitch as she begs for penetration, unable to hold her aching pussy.

Original title ひみつのきち 1 暁(あかつき)[キチロク]
First air date Feb. 04, 2022

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