Siren’s Call

Siren’s Call

Sultry pirate Isabela has more debts than she could count. Working with the Raiders of the Waking Sea was never ideal, but what’s a girl to do? Privateer is one thing, transporting slaves is another. So it was time to take matters into her own hands! Kidnapping one of their highest ranking admirals, Lord Devon, she plots a way to clear all her debts the easiest way she knows how. But has Isabela bit off more than she can swallow with the lusty Lord Devon? And what of Talon, the de facto leader of the fleet? He certainly wouldn’t tolerate a mutiny on his watch… This is our first vanilla feature, and was originally a VR concept earlier in the year but let’s just say we got carried away. We blame Alexia entirely for this. Her sexy British mouth getting stuffed with cock was just too much to bear! What a performance! Speaking of performances, how about a round of applause for Onagi? This is his StudioFOW debut and he did an exceptional job for his first outing. We have a very unique production pipeline so it takes some time getting used to, but Onagi did really well.
First air date Jan. 01, 2016

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