Sei dorei nja ryou joku no sentai hiroin

Sei dorei nja ryou joku no sentai hiroin

The Saint pink of the holy warrior and the Sirens jar is a heroine of the squadron who protects as for the justice.
It keeps fighting to knock down secret society ZUBAGO of bad day and night.!!
When the fight with ZUBAGO ended, red and pink did the promise to marry.
Of course, pink is a virgin, Should a body pure as the holy warrior.
Sirens jar that is faced secret base where ZUBAGO chief conceals by him/herself and faced the last fight.
Having waited there has a frightening Saint pink sex slave making plan.
Lovely heroine, Does the Saint pink turn into the sex slave of the army corps of bad?!!
Best friends betrayal, Virgin loss rape in front of fiance!
Hymen player, And, the ZUBAGO machine of astonishment. (Vagina disintegrator)!!
Eternal virgin Saint pink from which reproduction and rape are repeated.
The sexual intercourse is brainwashed with the justice, What foolishness do you show?

First air date Nov. 30, 2010

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