Shinjin Tour Conductor Rina

Shinjin Tour Conductor Rina

October 23, 2019
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Rina was working for a travel agency where she was in charge of the “Onihime-mairi” journey. She would be showcasing Matsusawa village, well known for its spiritual legends. Horror liking couples and groups would participate in a spooky day, and it seemed to be a fresh embark for Rina. though, this excursion was planned by the excursion participants. In a lonely village in the mountains, the femmes would be taken to fresh heights by the sexual cravings of the dudes IN their group. lil did she know the spirits were managing all of them.

Original title 新人ツアーコンダクター里奈 ツアーオプション⇔添乗員、強制乱交
First air date Oct. 25, 2004


  • There are still no episodes this season

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