Donburi Kazoku

Donburi Kazoku

October 25, 2019
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Yukiko is a youthfull wifey who is experiencing lonely and unsatisfied. Her hubby Koichi wont sate her needs, and in fact they sleep on separate beds. To add to her frustration Yukiko finds some photographs on her hubbies box smartphone images of an unknown bare lady; also one night she observes her two children who are not related by blood together in couch.

Yukiko spends her time at home attempting to sate her needs on her own. Until one day the parent of her spouse comes to visit and watches her in compromising situation. Thats when things in her family commence to switch

Original title どんぶり家族
First air date Jun. 09, 2006
Last air date Oct. 10, 2006


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