Renseijutsushi Colette no H na Sakusei Monogatari

Renseijutsushi Colette no H na Sakusei Monogatari

Colette is a young girl who lives in seclusion with her master deep in the mountains of a certain country. What she is learning from her master, Priscilla, is not alchemy, but alchemy! Alchemy is a revolutionary technique that uses the semen of living creatures to synthesize items. But Colette never had sex before. Colette was able to become a full-fledged alchemist thanks to Priscilla’s rather forceful guidance. Priscilla gave Colette a gift now that she was on her own. “My, atelier…!” Colette gets her own studio and tries her hardest. But in one of the quests, a powerful demon interfered with her achievement. What appeared in front of the troubled Colette is a beautiful young brave girl with big tits! Alchemy using semen as material = alchemy How much of a paradise is it to feel good and earn money!?

Original title [魔人 petit] 錬精術士コレットのHな搾精物語 第一話 コレットのアトリエ開業! 爆乳勇者シルヴィアとの出会い
First air date Sep. 30, 2022

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