Osananajimi To Doukyuusei

Osananajimi To Doukyuusei

September 22, 2019
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When going back home from school in the usual teach line, Miyu’s globes are massaged by a instruct molester. Shun, her classmate, emerges and saves her. He ambles her home and taunts her about the chikan touching her joy bags. He also smooches her.

Miyu runs off to home. The truth is, though, that the instruct incident was all a cunning trap plotted by Shun. Back home, Miyu regrets having her very first smooch stolen. Then, Kou, her childhood mate, displays up and, due to Miyu losing her key, takes her to his home. There, Miyu confess her first-ever smooch was stolen. though, Kou tell

Original title 幼なじみと同級生
First air date Nov. 28, 2008

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