Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa

Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa

Kanade Amakawa is a bright, earnest, high-achieving, innocent and cute girl who has a crush on Hajime Nishida, a member of the visual studies club.
The season is summer.
The two had faint hopes of growing closer to each other and becoming lovers during this summer vacation… but it turns out that they are not quite what they had in mind.
Yes, he’s a womanizer, he’ll make a move on any girl he likes and throw them away when he gets tired of them…until that man with such a bad reputation sets his eyes on her.
On the day of the meeting, Nishida, who was supposed to have promised her a movie, was not at the meeting place.
Instead, I see that man!
Hanakana has no choice but to watch the movie with him.
Just as my heart was racing with the excitement of seeing the movie, that man suddenly confessed to me.
Hanakana, who has feelings for Nishida, hesitates to answer, but he grabs her by the shoulder and kisses her forcibly.
Is this the beginning of a nightmare or…?
Nishida is surprised to see Hanakana at the end of summer vacation.

Original title 夏休み明けの彼女は… 前編
First air date Jul. 08, 2022

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