Osana Na Jiri -gimic Low Mizu-

Osana Na Jiri -gimic Low Mizu-

October 19, 2019
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Noriko’s of you –
rumor that there is a mystery nail-hole in the park restroom.
Is it chased or stashing in the plumb-hole?
Momoko with a nosey curiosity summons the crevice.

Sugar Spot
Onii-chan who always trains inspecting. tho’,
it is not examining to instruct but maniac bum-screw plays …

secret of secret Kosuke who is interested
in loving anal penetration like somehow makes an embarrassing request to Miki.
Miki is struck, but for her fave Keisuke …

Original title 幼な尻 ~Gimic LOw mizu~
First air date Feb. 10, 2012

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