Onee-san Ni Makasenasai!

Onee-san Ni Makasenasai!

October 8, 2019

Employee dormitory where Shingo Inugai of a fresh member of society lives.
There are two very lovely folks out there.

Mr. Nobuno Muno of the dormitory mommy is a sister in law skin that is friendly and reliable.
Mr. Reina living in the next guest room is sensitive, happy ash-blonde spectacular chief.

The fresh life with two people was fulfilling for Shogo!
… but the daily life for Shogo switches even more.

One day a walk is followed by Reina on the next day.
From a hurry to have a relationship of the assets!

“Oh, there is what I

Original title おねえさんに任せなさいっ! ~寮母と上司の柔らかおっぱいに挟まれて~ The Motion Anime
First air date Aug. 03, 2018


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