Meikoku Gakuen Jutai Hen

Meikoku Gakuen Jutai Hen

November 30, 2019

A certain city, the damsels’s school and Jingu Gakuen in Jingu city.
It was a prominent queen school that only top-class chicks attend.
“After a lengthy time, Asada-kun”

Reuniting the school president, Nijo Shizue who is also a schoolteacher of yearning, the main temper, Asada Makoto who is not here in the heart.

She is told that she wants you to work as a lecturer in this school from now on, and she resumes to tell him who stings the joy.
“There is something I would like you to do, apart from the usual biz.

… But it is nicer to actually practice it th

Original title 冥刻學園 受胎編
First air date Apr. 28, 2017
Last air date May. 26, 2017

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