Mama x Holic – Miwaku no Mama

Mama x Holic – Miwaku no Mama

n a modern world where humans and sub-humans live in harmony, Taichi Amano has become possessed of the “magical element of awakening” that all sub-humans seek.
He spends his days having sex with the sub-humans Benion, Suzuka and Seira in order to awaken their latent abilities, but an accident puts all the sub-humans in the school in a coma!
In order to save them, a rare treasure called the “All-Powerful Holy Milk” is needed, but it requires the help of three mothers…
In order to save the treasure, he needs to have sex with three mothers – Maisho, Yasha and Sally – and milk them of their milk!

First air date Nov. 26, 2021

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