Kuroinu II The Animation

Kuroinu II The Animation

More than a hundred years after its founding, the country has reached the peak of prosperity and decadence.
While the Empress Radmilla, the ruler of the nation, spends her days indulging in pleasures, many nations that will not tolerate any more vices unite to form the “Holy Alliance”, an anti-service nation.
The momentum of the alliance overwhelms the service nations and they succeed in cornering them until they are surrounded, but a man stands in their way.
Direk Rondo, the Knight Commander of the Service Nation, is rumored to be the second coming of the founding father, the mercenary King Volt.
In accordance with Radmilla’s order, Direk defeated the allied forces surrounding the Service Nation and pursued them, but his true ambition was to usurp the throne.
Direk’s ambition is to overthrow not only the beautiful princesses of the Alliance, but also the Empress Radmilla, and take over the entire Service Nation.

First air date Aug. 27, 2021

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