Kanojo Ga Chuparero Otoko

Kanojo Ga Chuparero Otoko

December 1, 2019
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Main temper who sends glad days with her.
She belongs to the tennis club and she is invited by a buddy of pub members to go to a camp in tennis with OB seniors.
As usual casual dialogue while on the way home
it surely will be the last time I witnessed her … It looks a

bit scary but when you chat a mild old, a close acquaintance I’m
having a joy with this camp at the very first day’s social gathering I was exhilarated about expectation when it became something.

But that expectation is abruptly betrayed.

It is charged with gulping alcohol and falls

Original title 彼女がチャラ男に寝取られて堕ちるまで The Motion Anime
First air date Nov. 02, 2018


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