JK Genkai Koubi Goui Sounyuu de Bachibachi Niku Anaka

JK Genkai Koubi Goui Sounyuu de Bachibachi Niku Anaka

“Welcome to the sex club.”
The Life Club that Rina created was in danger of being closed down.
The reason is that we can’t give a club room to an unknown club.
Shota, the only club member and childhood friend, says he has no choice but to quit.
Not wanting to give up her club room where she can do anything, Rina asks Shota to help her.
Shota, who has always been unable to refuse Rina’s pleas, promises to help her this time as well.
Then Rina came up with the idea of starting a new club called the Sex Club, which aims to solve sexual problems and improve sexual life.
Rina immediately tries to solve Shota’s sexual problems.

Original title J〇限界交尾 ~合意挿入でバチバチ肉穴化~ 第1話 性活部へようこそ
First air date Jun. 24, 2022

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