Hypnotized By A Cool Older Sister

Hypnotized By A Cool Older Sister

An anime that makes her boobs sway in a cowgirl position with guns and climaxes with a vulgar voice.


Original title クールγͺγŠε§‰γ•γ‚“γ«ε‚¬ηœ γ—γ¦γ€γŠγ£γ±γ„γΆγ‚‹γ‚“γΆγ‚‹γ‚“ζΊγ‚Œγ‚‹γ»γ©ι¨ŽδΉ—δ½γ§γ‚¬γƒ³δ»˜γγ—γ¦δΈ‹ε“γ«γ‚ͺホ声をクパ硢頂させるをニパ
First air date Nov. 07, 2022

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