Hatsujou Switch Otosareta Shoujo-tachi The Animation

Hatsujou Switch Otosareta Shoujo-tachi The Animation

November 7, 2019
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Any lady who creates a child and becomes a prisoner of fuck-fest when pressing that key point is “esthetic switch”.
When Shiatsu Tsubosaku who witnesses it in a moment gets shiatsu, every gal seeks his child.
Her bf femmes’ school students who can not tolerate the ache of their figures with their bf in the park’s rest room,
college girl council president who aspires to injured orgasm, and giant buxom JKs are lured to take more rock-hard-on
well-liked Author’s first-ever booklet with drawn comics also centered on “esthetic switch” series!

Iin themanga version,

Original title 発情スイッチ~堕とされた少女達~ THE ANIMATION
First air date Oct. 26, 2018

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