Shirudaku Niku Gangu Shitei ~ore No Shokushu De Shouhinka~

Shirudaku Niku Gangu Shitei ~ore No Shokushu De Shouhinka~

October 20, 2019
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“Haa …

event of the game which the older stepsister told me .
I went to have fun, why I was going to help the event.
Besides, it’s a costume have fun and it’s a role of a daughter-in-law of a stud …

“I wasted just a day today somehow”

If it was such a thing, I should have stayed home.
Would you like to have fun games with distraction?
Oh, it might be something like this.

What is … let’s do something insatiable with dolls with tentacles.
It also takes in photos on palm and also uses it.

In other words, if you take in photograp

Original title 汁だく肉玩具姉弟 ~俺の触手で商品化~ PLAY MOVIE
First air date Dec. 11, 2015

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