Gapeface Wife Yayoi -netorare Soiled Bride-

Gapeface Wife Yayoi -netorare Soiled Bride-

October 17, 2019
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All bang-out gigs are mad supah-hot toon!
Includes sound effects, flick sight mode!
The stolen dishonor of a marvelous married girl, her downfall, her attack, and gang-plumb story!!
Her fave spouse, her son-in-law… for them she suffers brutish dirty disgrace!!

Yayoi lives a blessed life with her family.
But for a lengthy while she’s been in a sexless marriage.

One day her hubby brings home some coworkers.
They take an immediate like to the smoldering, disregarded femininity of Yayoi.
As her spouse gets buzzed, his coworkers sneak up on her..

Original title アヘ妻・彌生 ~寢取られ汚される美人妻~ +サムライガール
First air date Dec. 30, 2011

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