Fairy Forest Remi-chan

Fairy Forest Remi-chan

There is a boy who went to a mystical journey to an enchanted forest and somehow finds a nude girl with her hand tied hanging from a tree. She was asking for some help to get rid of the mosquito but the boy used a stick to get rid of the mosquitoes. She falls out from the tree and the horny boy took his advantage when the nude young girl passed out and he spreads her legs to lick her pussy but she wakes up. Then he fucked the young girl and he seems that he has a neverending sexual prowess and continue to abuse the young girl. But when the girl is fully loaded, she told him its time to die for the young boy who is now turned into an old guy. The young girl is a thousand year old fairy who set up a trap to lure young boys and to feed her with semen.

First air date Apr. 20, 2000

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