Katsuya is shocked when he notices a familiar face on the bulletin board of his favorite support site.
My niece, Mifuyu, who has been quiet, reserved and cute since she was a little girl, proudly posted her pictures and eventually sold her virginity for a high …… price.
I have to be careful now that I’ve seen it and as a result of the exchange with an unsuspecting face, I found Mifuyu innocently and defenselessly waiting for me!
He takes her to a hotel, she’s obviously not used to it, but when he asks her about the situation, he finds out that she damaged her friend’s phone and as a result, she’s forced to take advantage of the situation.
Putting that aside, her fingers, which were cleverly creeping up on me while comforting me, were more than enough to make an innocent niece open up…
Wouldn’t you like to experience it?
By the time I had sufficiently untied her, and whispered in her ear while pressing it against my niece’s burning body, Mifuyu was already in a fuzzy, floating state and was hit by the heat.
Thrust his uncle’s rod into Mifuyu’s nodding virgin hole…
In addition to consoling her, she gave him her virginity, and he gave her the money to settle with her friend and the problem was solved, but the situation suddenly changed…

Original title エロリーマン 真苛面目られッ娘・美冬~壊れかけのスマホ~
First air date Feb. 25, 2022

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