Eroriman 2

Eroriman 2

Namikkid girl Aina is Mifuyu’s cousin who goes to an all-girls school! Mafuyu-sama is the most popular sister at Aina’s school. The secret of the elder sister who I admire and adore …… is that Aina’s cousin, Michiya, is a scumbag Lehman and he’s in an unusual relationship with her! Aina tries her best to convince her sister to come to her senses, but… She’s serious, so she’s going to show her how she and her cousin fuck and fuck and fuck! Aina, who was confused by the startling revelation, took out a smart phone. What you’re doing is a crime. I’ll tell them everything. Aina glares at Michiya with a determined look… but … the one glaring back at that Namaikki-kissed girl is the one who is glaring back at her. It was Michiya’s scum stick…

Original title エロγƒͺγƒΌγƒžγƒ³2 ζ†§ζ†¬γ‚―γƒ«γ‚¨γƒ­γƒ»ηœŸε†¬ο½žθ¦‹γ›γ€γ‘γ‚‹ι†œζ₯芯~
First air date Oct. 28, 2022

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