Anehame Ore no Hatsukoi ga Jisshi na Wake ga Nai

Anehame Ore no Hatsukoi ga Jisshi na Wake ga Nai

After school, Akira Sakagami is about to ask his classmate, Nana Shirayuki out on a date.
It was good until she called out to him, but he was interrupted by the appearance of his sister Rio.
For Akira, Rio is not only his sister but also his first love.
Rio used to live alone, but due to a housing situation, she has now returned to her parents house with Akira.
When Akira is told by Rio that Shirayuki looks like her, he sees Shirayuki and Rio in her.
That night, Akira is seen masturbating by Rio.
While Akira is frozen in place, Rio is unfazed and makes fun of the actress he was using as a joke, saying she looks like her.
Not only that, but she also grabbed Akira’s thing.

Original title アネハメ 俺の初恋が実姉なわけがない 第1話 帰ってきたお姉ちゃん
First air date Dec. 24, 2021

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