Renzu Futari no Kyori

Renzu Futari no Kyori

July 2, 2020

During his high school years a soccer star of his school, Tohru Shioda saved his childhood friend Asuka Misaki from a car accident but he lost his ability to play the sports that he loves. Unable to play anymore, he now spends his time staring through his camera. Peeping at his teacher’s boobs and Asuka’s boobs became his past time, But one day, he caught by his teacher and confiscate his camera. Then after that he retrieved it and jokingly ask his teacher if she likes to have some nude photo session with her. Shioda gets a slapped in the face. While there was a soccer game, He is taking pictures and Asuka arrives. Tohru is so angry of Asuka’s intervening with his life and confronts her. He almost fucks Asuka but she pushed him away. But there is something more to explore as Tohru finds out he got feelings for Asuka too.

First air date Dec. 07, 2000

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