Aijou gakuen mashin baiburosu 5

Aijou gakuen mashin baiburosu 5

Girls in the grip of the unspeakable are ruthlessly impregnated and weep—— In the hamlet of surviving demonia, young girls live somewhat changed… Touched by the forbidden their sexual aroma has summoned the demons of hell. The girls writhe and twist in vain to escape the tentacles that hold them in bondage. Hole by hole, inseminations slicks their dewey honeypots. Even sweet, passive Karen is penetrated — by a certain method — to pregnancy. Desperation gives way to full body orgasmic spasms and kegel clenching pleasures, all human notions obliterated in the abyssal descent——

Original title 愛嬢学園 魔神バイブロス5 マルノミコス -神の孕ませ悪魔の右手- ~極☆動!NEX~
First air date Jan. 29, 2016

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