Weather Report Girl

Weather Report Girl

August 9, 2020

Hurricane Keiko has arrived! The newscast weather segment. Usually the last thing anyone ever thinks about (unless they said “sun” and it wound up being “rain”) but Keiko Nakadai’s going to change all that. Toiling in obscurity for years at a horribly rated TV station, Keiko has figured out what the weather report needs and doesn’t mind taking off her top (or lifting her skirt) on the air to do it. The ratings aren’t going to go down, that’s for sure.

Of course, some of the people at the station don’t find this appealing, and decide that Keiko’s got to go. They devise a series of horrible “accidents” for her, but Keiko usually seems to be about a step ahead of them.

Eventually, everyone at the station will discover that there’s far more to her than meets the eye as Keiko’s star rises incredibly quickly … and as her importance increases, Michiko Kawai’s (the old weather girl) drops. Something has got to be done, but who can do it?

First air date Dec. 09, 1995

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